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Who are We?

We are a group of aspiring artists who were tired of struggling to learn how to illustrate. We figured that if we were feeling this way, others probably were too. So, we've made it our mission to source and create the best products to solve these issues for ourselves and others. We are dedicated to sourcing the best products with premium construction  so that you, the customer, get a worthwhile investment for your craft that you'll actually be glad to own and use. We are based out of New Jersey, US.

What are we about?

We've taken it upon ourselves to provide you with the highest quality art tools. We believe in doing this whilst still offering affordable pricing so you can invest in your craft and save valuable time without breaking the bank. We highly value servicing you, the customer, and are dedicated to providing EXCELLENT customer service at all times. For any inquiries, please reach out to

What is Aeternis?

Aeternis comes from the latin root "aeternum", which means eternity. We wanted to create a brand that captured the sense of eternity that art evokes, hence the creation of Aeternis. We firmly believe that art is eternal; just look at all the beautiful art that supplements our lives and stands the test of time. Indeed, art makes life worth all the hardships we endure and serves as a wondrous escape for all.